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Arrowhead Consulting

Aimed at Your Success.


Arrowhead Consulting is about knowledge and knowledge sharing. We live in a time when learning a topic is as easy as finding the right content online. We offer a variety of learning services to bolster your own talents, or empower your workforce or even customer base. We break our learning services into three categories: eLearning, Instructor-Led Classes & Workshops, and Content Development.



eLearning is growing at an enormous rate because of technological advancements. Today, learning is more convenient than ever before, with on-demand learning leading the way. Our eLearning team uses leading eLearning creation platforms to develop your talent. We will work together to create engaging, effective learning experiences for your team, building their value to the organization.

Integrating an eLearning solution will benefit your organization and employees through:

  • Efficiency – balance work demands & professional development goals
  • Convenience – stay in the workplace to receive training
  • Influence – reach the entire breadth of the organization’s workforce
  • Value – maximize talent development opportunities & minimize costs
  • Consistency – create reliability in processes & delivery of content
  • Retention – revisit and refresh select areas of course content

Instructor-Led Offering and Classes

Our instructors leverage extensive on-the-job experience to facilitate trainings and workshops. These courses balance understanding theoretical concepts with practical application of best practices in real-world environments.

Our courses are designed for the busy adult learner and include hands-on activities, as well as interactive discussions, to improve learning retention.


Content Development

What happens when you know your organization needs training on a topic, but no one is available or has the experience to create the training? That's where Arrowhead Consulting comes in.

Today's learning environment demands training and presentations that are visually appealing, dynamic, interactive, and effective. This type of effective training can be costly to produce and maintain without a dedicated resource on staff. Our team works with clients to create detailed instruction materials, branded with your organization's look and feel. This type of content development is crucial for educating a workforce about process changes, development programs, and/or implementation projects. Ensure all the team is on board and up-to-speed. Knowledge transfer in today's age can be seamless.

We produce content development deliverables that include:

  • Training manuals
  • Company handbooks
  • On-boarding packets
  • Executive presentations
  • Policies and guidelines

Is it time to empower your workforce?