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HR Services

There are many HR services to choose from and picking the right services for your company can be challenging at times. We are here to ease you through this process and help make sure your company operates at the apex of its capabilities.

Affirmative Action Plans

Federal government supply and service contractors having $50,000+ in annual contracts and 50+ employees as well as most federally insured financial institutions with more than 50 employees must comply with an array of equal opportunity and OFCCP Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) requirements including the development and maintenance of one or more compliant affirmative action plans.  Our Affirmative Action Planning Programs offer your company comprehensive solutions that satisfy all the affirmative action requirements in an effective, efficient, and timely manner.

Regulations and AAP requirements include having written policies and AAP programs that contain employee and applicant data record-keeping, good faith outreach efforts, statistical analysis, goals and timetables, and more.  In today’s regulatory environment, your company cannot afford compliance failures.  Failure to maintain compliance can result in significant noncompliance penalties, including fines, suspension of contracts, exclusion from future government contracts, and even criminal charges.

If your company is subjected to an OFCCP Audit, it will likely be too late to implement a defensible company-wide compliance plan properly.  At Arrowhead Consulting, our technical expertise and proven solutions provide your company with the guidance to implement appropriate measures before these challenges arise.

Arrowhead Consulting provides complete Affirmative Action Planning Programs that support implementation, ongoing monitoring, EEO reporting, and annual reviews and updates.  With our expertise, your company has peace of mind knowing that the complexities of the development, implementation, and maintenance of your Affirmative Action Plan are adequately addressed.

Arrowhead is your one source for:

  • Affirmative Action Plan Development
  • Fully Compliant Female & Minorities, Veterans & Persons with Disabilities Narratives & Reports
  • OFCCP Audit Support
  • Compensation Discrimination Analysis
  • Diversity & EEO Training
  • Diversity Outreach Recruitment
  • EEO-1, Vets-100 Reporting, E-Verify, I-9
  • HR Best Practice Implementation


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Employee Relations

Employee relations is the HR discipline of strengthening the employer-employee relationship by measuring job satisfaction, employee engagement, and resolving workplace conflict. Positive employee relations reduce turnover and increase productivity, collaboration, teamwork, and employee loyalty to the organization.

Arrowhead Consulting helps you build and maintain strong employee relations through a variety of services, including:

Employee Focus Groups:

Employees often share their thoughts and feelings with a third party more readily than with your internal management team. We facilitate and mediate issues, allowing your employees to create solutions to real or often perceived problems. Employers gain valuable insight, and employees take comfort in an unbiased third party to help them navigate through concerns and tap into expertise surrounding their professional development.

Tulsa HR Services

Investigations of Alleged Discrimination and/or Harassment:

It is the employer’s responsibility to thoroughly investigate any allegations of discrimination or harassment. Arrowhead conducts fair and impartial investigations in a prompt and thorough manner. We work hand in hand with your HR department and employment attorneys as necessary.  Upon conclusion, we provide a comprehensive final investigation report that includes background information, summaries of interviews, findings, and recommendations.


Workplace Compliance

Protecting your organization from EEO/OFCCP scrutiny, litigation, and negative publicity has become a top priority for all organizations.  Regardless of size or industry, every company is subject to numerous regulations and compliance requirements.  Having the support of Arrowhead Consulting provides your company leadership with peace of mind that your organization is protected.

Creating a diverse workforce is not only “the right thing for a business to pursue…it is good business!”  Implementing our proven HR best practices will allow you to address compliance issues proactively before they occur.  Arrowhead Consulting helps manage the life cycle of a true diversity strategy.  From applicant sourcing strategies to onboarding, from development and training to performance management and end of employment, Arrowhead consultants can help your organization implement the policies, procedures, and best practices that can provide a true ROI on your outsourced dollars.

Keeping up with rapidly changing state and national regulations is a full-time job.  With Arrowhead Consulting on your team, you can trust that your business is compliant.  Our consultants and services become an extension of your HR and management team; our expertise and information resources become yours as we keep your company ahead of regulatory requirements while saving your internal staff time and your company money and compliance headaches.

HR Consulting Tulsa

Human Resource Management

“Strategic human resource management is the process of linking the human resource function with the strategic objectives of the organization in order to improve performance.”  Arrowhead Consulting’s Human Resources Senior Certified Consultant’s assist your organization in adopting an HR strategy that is focused on the organization’s greater mission and goals.

An efficiently run human resources department can provide your organization with structure and the ability to meet business needs through managing your company’s most valuable resources — your employees. In small to midsized businesses without a dedicated HR department, it’s possible to achieve the same level of efficiency and workforce management through outsourcing HR functions to Arrowhead Consulting.

Likewise, the process of integrating a business’s operations and strategies across a wide array of cultures, geographies, and product operations is having an impact on the human resource function like never before. Once concerned with the effects of local issues on employees, human resources must now consider the impact of government legislation, legal compliance, workforce diversity, and the interdependence between training and professional development within the organization.

Arrowhead consultants have faced these extensive demands and have the professional capability to provide your organization with workplace solutions that have proven successful.

Conduct harassment and respect in the workplace training

Reinforce your organization's commitment to a respectful work environment.  Our anti-harassment training moves the needed and provides your team with the tools they need to contribute to a respectful work culture.

Our experts can:

Audit, evaluate and recommend best practice HR Policies and Procedures

The premise of strategic human resources management is that the company’s policies and procedures related to employees should fit into the organization’s broader strategic plan. Developing these links between HR and strategy has the distinct advantage of helping the organization to evaluate its current HR policies and to replace outdated or inefficient policies with ones that promote a better workplace environment and employee relations. As the company evaluates its HR policies, it can use the strategic plan’s goals and objectives to evaluate each HR process. Those that fall outside of the strategic vision can be reformulated or discarded in favor of better ones.

HR Companies Tulsa

Create a comprehensive, compliant employee handbook

Requirements for handbooks differ based on the size, culture, and policies of each organization. Arrowhead Consulting customizes your employee handbook to reflect your policies, processes, and workplace philosophies.

Training and Development

Smart organizations understand that training is an investment rather than an expense.  Arrowhead Consulting ensures that your company receives a return on its investment for the variety of training programs, seminars, and workshops we provide.  We strive to enhance your unique workforce’s effectiveness by individually customizing our development programs to align with the mission, values, and policies of your organization.  We tailor our training programs to your company’s unique organizational goals so that your training investment drives direct results in your business.

Workplace training has been shown to generate greater ROI than conventional workplace investments, such as new equipment.  It makes sense that a properly trained employee is better suited to meet the expectations of a job. Still, employers will also see a reduced accident rate, lower redundancy, fewer employee mistakes, and faster competency on the job.  All these result in higher productivity in the workplace and impact your company’s bottom line.  Moreover, workplace training and development has been correlated to higher rates of employee retention.  Finally, learning environments foster creative thinking and innovative problem solving, a benefit to any organization. 

Conduct harassment and respect in the workplace training

Reinforce your organization's commitment to a respectful work environment.  Our anti-harassment training moves the needed and provides your team with the tools they need to contribute to a respectful work culture. 

For a list of training topics we are able to provide, visit 

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How can Arrowhead help your business? 

Our HR Services Certifications

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HR Certification

Amy Ratliff

VP OE/LD & HR Specialist

Amy Caudle Ratliff, SPHR, SHRM-SCP has over 26 years of progressive Human Resources experience specializing in organizational effectiveness, compliance, diversity solutions, affirmative action, emotional intelligence training, comprehensive recruitment and onboarding programs, personality assessments, employee engagement, leadership development, and organizational change initiatives.

Amy is the daughter of the late Gene Caudle, CEO of MEC Resources, Inc. and Partner of OnesourceHRM. She is excited to step into her father’s footsteps, carrying on his clients and legacy of providing full-service human resources consulting, compliance programs, developing affirmative action plans for organizations, and related training initiatives.

Amy is a graduate of the University of Arkansas where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in Human Resources and Marketing.  She holds a Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification from the Human Resources Certification Institute (SPHR) and is a Society of Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP).  In 2014, she completed the Executive Mini-MBA program at the University of Tulsa and is certified in the Everything DiSC Assessment Suite, Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors Programs, Hogan Assessments, and the Insight Colors personality assessment.

Since 1993, she has been a member of the Tulsa Area Human Resources Association (TAHRA) where she currently on the Programs Committee. She is also a member of the Society of Human Resources Management.

How can Arrowhead help your business? 


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